Contemporary Romances

                    Sleepy Sands Series

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Book 1: Sleepy Beginnings


Welcome to Sleepy Sands, Michigan, voted Most Diverse Small Town in America.

Arriving in Sleepy Sands after leaving his cheating fiancée, male model Rafael Santos rents a room from adorably sexy Tasha Yancey. Having just gone through a divorce herself, Tasha is no more ready than Rafael to start a new relationship, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting one. As Raf finally gets over his past, he finds he’ll have to face his greatest fear if he wants to have Tasha forever.

Assistant brewmaster Tasha knows dating your roommate is a bad idea, but when he’s a charismatic Brazilian hottie who loves cats, the thirst is too real to deny. Her big concern is that he doesn’t want to have children, whereas she’s always longed for a family. Right when they seem to have conquered that obstacle new troubles arrive, and the two must find out if their love is enough to overcome what’s tearing them apart.

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Book 2: Sleepy January


Welcome to Sleepy Sands, Michigan, voted Most Diverse Small Town in America.

Chicago sociologist Starling Everly can’t wait for her vacation in scenic Sleepy Sands. In town for her friend’s winter wedding, she’s ready to unwind and celebrate. When sparks fly with a groomsman her first night in town, she’s quick to jump into a vacation fling.

Local brewery owner Nigel Underhill never expected to click with a gorgeous and bubbly woman who’s only visiting. But after taking Starling sledding down giant sand dunes, around the area’s wineries and restaurants, and into his bedroom, he can’t stop thinking about her.

Once Starling’s week is up they must decide whether to try for more. Neither wants to move, but to have forever, one will have to give up home to be with the person who completes them. Will it be Nigel or Starling who has to lose…or can the right choice lead to a double win?

This humorous interracial small town contemporary features a subplot with their mutual friend Cassie Redstone becoming wife and wife with Roxanne Thompson.