Paranormal Romances

                 Runaround Series

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Book 1: The Runaround (Finding the Faerie)


When 23-year-old vampire Thealla starts her new job as a Junior Representative in the U.S. Non-Human Congress, she looks forward to making lots of memories with the other nineteen Juniors. After the succubus rep suggests they have a runaround, Thealla prepares to have sex with nine straight men and one lesbian. It’s all fun and games until she hooks up with the intense Fae rep, Kian, and decides to start dating him.


Kian may be new to the Earthen realm, but he’s there to stay. After sleeping with the vibrant vampire who makes his heart stutter, he wants forever, but she’s skeptical about his long term plans. Can he convince her he’d rather be an Earthen politician than a Faerie prince? Or will he lose out on a love that finds the deepest pieces of his soul?


This novel contains sexually explicit scenes meant for a mature audience. It’s the first in the Runaround series of paranormal standalones featuring the Junior Representatives. Interwoven into Thealla and Kian’s story are several interludes featuring witch Philippa and werehyena Rashid transitioning from friends to lovers.

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Book 2: Chasing the Angel


Brash werewolf Georgie has been flirting with her angel crush, Azkadek, for two months with zero results. When a weekend away goes awry after she wakes up next to a dead body, she can’t tell if Azkadek’s newfound concern is in any way romantic.


Gentle and calm, Azkadek couldn’t be more different from the beautiful redhead he can’t seem to stay away from. Though he wants to help Georgie defend herself against charges of murder, he also wants to do things that aren’t exactly Heavenly. Will they be able to bridge their differences and clear Georgie’s name? Or will their divergent personalities pull apart a relationship that chases away the darkness in their souls?


This book is the second in the Runaround series of paranormal standalones featuring the Junior Congresspeople. Interwoven into Georgie and Azkadek’s story are several interludes featuring shade Maria and devil Beauregard having a hell of a good time.


                Standalone Novels

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Life and Then Love


Some people have love during life, but others have life and then love.


Lisette is shocked when she discovers her new house has an old occupant – the ghost of the man who lived there before. Thomas the shade’s body temp might be the same as the room, but his gorgeous face and body make Lisette feel toasty. They become friends and soon add in benefits, but she hesitates to commit to a relationship with a specter who can’t go out in public.


Thomas is finally over the depression he had during his lifetime, and he’s growing as a writer thanks to Lisette’s skills as an editor. But as much as he adores her, Lisette’s desire for a normal boyfriend means Thomas needs to move out and move on. Though he travels the world, his heart only thinks of one place as home.



Once Lisette realizes she misses Thomas, she must find a way to bring him back. If she turns the page on the past, will they be able to write their happy ending together?